Children's Privacy and Safety Print

Children's Privacy and Safety Print

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Executive Editor

Kalinda Raina

“Children’s Privacy and Safety” provides substantive background on children’s privacy, data protection and safety issues. It explores topics like children’s privacy in the U.S., complying with the Online Privacy Protection Act, and student data privacy, among others. This book is ideal for practitioners and advocates on their journey to protecting children’s data privacy and safety.   

Topics covered
  • Guidance on COPPA.
  • Children’s data protection under GDPR, the ePrivacy Directive, and the U.K.’s Age-Appropriate Design Code.
  • Laws governing children’s privacy throughout Asia.
  • Scenarios in which FERPA comes into play.
  • Privacy laws for the gaming space.
  • Key policies and regulatory bodies for an online environment.
Cari Benn; Sunghee Chae; Mason Ching; Anne Collier; Lorna Cropper; Benjamin Gaw; Kento Hirato; Alex Hutchens; Matt Jackson; Sara Kloek; Richard Lawne; Phyllis H. Marcus; Cathal McDermott; Hayley Miller; Shanti Mogan; Indranil Rudra; Emily Tombs; Amelia Vance; Vincent Chang; Casey Waughn; Carla Weitkamp; Lilian Wong; Gil Zhang; Yuma Ito

Publish date: 2022

Format: Print

Printed page count: 244