Cybersecurity Law Fundamentals Second Edition Digital

Cybersecurity Law Fundamentals Second Edition Digital

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James X. Dempsey, John P. Carlin

Fully revised to reflect the remarkable changes in U.S. cybersecurity law in recent years, the Second Edition of “Cybersecurity Law Fundamentals” is both a primer and a reference volume. It serves cybersecurity practitioners looking for a quick refresher or citation, but also guides generalists and newcomers to the field: the general counsel who needs a basic understanding of the regulatory requirements and legal risk that a company faces, the policymaker interested in understanding the gaps in the law and filling them, and the attorney seeking a career transition to a rapidly growing practice area; the student preparing for a career in this exciting arena.

Topics covered

  • Criminal law
  • Data breach notification and incident reporting
  • Standing and causes of action in data breach cases
  • Liability for insecure products and software
  • Defining “reasonable” cybersecurity
  • Federal cybersecurity statutes, regulations and guidelines
  • Regulatory enforcement from the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies
  • State cybersecurity statutes and regulations
  • Regulatory enforcement by state
  • Self-protective measures
  • Ransomware
  • National security economic controls, trade limits, and equipment bans

Publish date: 2024

Format: Digital

Printed page count: 630