Privacy Law Fundamentals Sixth Edition Print

Privacy Law Fundamentals Sixth Edition Print

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Daniel J. Solove, Paul M. Schwartz

“Privacy Law Fundamentals, Sixth Edition” incorporates extensive new developments in privacy law. It includes key provisions of privacy statutes, leading cases, tables summarizing the statutes, summaries of key state privacy laws and overviews of various agency enforcement actions. This book serves as an easily digestible overview for privacy law students, as well as a handy reference guide for those who are more experienced.

Topics covered

  • Key provisions of privacy statutes.
  • Leading cases.
  • Tables summarizing the statutes.
  • Summaries of key state privacy laws.
  • Overviews of various agency enforcement actions.
  • Regulatory enforcement – states.
  • Self-protective measures.
  • Ransomware.
  • National security economic controls, trade limits, and equipment bans.

Publish date: 2022

Format: Print

Printed page count: 322